Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phillip Samuel

My name is Phillip Samuel and I am in my final year at the Academy of Art University. While receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Communications, I have participated in many different types of media during my time including working on magazine shows, producing my own segment in front of green screen, editing together shows, shooting my own footage, as well as sports broadcasts. 

Anything that has to do with shooting or editing I would say is what I specialize in, but I am also able to host and be the talent of a magazine show or on a radio talk or sports show. Adding to that, I setup the set lighting, tri-caster, audio, and cameras of BAYMM while also appearing in the show in debate segments and producing my own piece. When I wasn't in front of the camera I was behind the one of three cameras lining up the right shot for the Technical Director to jump to. 

While I was attending the Academy of Art University not only was I a student, but also an athlete. While participating on the inaugural Urban Knight Men's Basketball team, I learned things that I may not have on a team that was established as a program. There were road bumps and trials that were passed that will test one's heart and ability to finish a task that is in no way easy. While the losses multiplied the wins by 6 in 3 season's, there were certain aspects of team that were necessary to exist throughout the season. Though the losses were expected, jumping right into Division Two of the NCAA isn't easy, I would never trade the experience in for anything.